the issue > Behind The Scenes | Blog 1931 > September 5, 2012

An Interview with Jan Strimple

With so many great Fashion’s Night Out events happening tomorrow evening (including two runway shows), we wanted to catch up with Jan Strimple and her fantastic production team for a little bit of scoop on what we can expect to see here at Highland Park Village! Find out some of Jan’s favorite fall trends, styles, and more – and what you absolutely must add to your wardrobe this autumn.


Blog 1931: What are some of your favorite things about Highland Park Village?

Jan Strimple: When at Highland Park Village, I am simply able to breathe easier. I love how it is not fast paced. It’s a tranquil and luxurious setting and the hustle and bustle is put on hold. Love that! I really enjoy the restaurants and new mix at the Village.


Blog 1931: What can we expect to see from Jan Strimple Productions on Fashion’s Night Out?

Jan Strimple: Five Alarm Chili; Five Alarm Jimmy Choo. That’s all I will say!


Blog 1931: What are some standout looks, trends and colors when it comes to fall 2012? Are there any “must-haves” with any fall wardrobe?

Jan Strimple:

1. Green is definitely the new “IT” color. Ten shades of green. It’s a great go-to and closet pick me up!

2. Navy is the neutral.

3. Richness in fabrication. Wool is definitely in this season. Women will fall in love with fabrics. Love prints! Don’t want anything really heavy, especially here in Texas.

4. Fall has rich colors. We will definitely see more color. Color elevates our moods, which we all can use!


Blog 1931: What is the most surprising thing to come from the fall 2012 collections?

Jan Strimple:

1. Soundtracks. Not quite so pounding. More intellectual, but yet with a beat. Selection of soundtracks.

2. Menswear flat.


Blog 1931: What will you be wearing this fall? Do you have any items on your shopping list?

Jan Strimple: Black Stovepipe Boot. Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo. Great new choices in heel height.


Blog 1931: What’s the most difficult thing about producing a runway show?

Jan Strimple: Making everyone happy! Runway shows are live theater. Even with the most meticulous planning actors will forget a line here and there. A heel breaks or an earring back falls out. I am the orchestra conductor. Everything needs to synchronize and come off flawless.


Blog 1931: What is the most rewarding?

Jan Strimple: The audience reaction and appreciation. I love to see an audience member tapping their toes to music or singing a remix of a song they loved when they were younger.


Blog 1931: Do you have a personal motto or quote that helps get you through the day or tough week?

Jan Strimple: “It is what it is!” This saying is on a plaque in my dining room. It was found by an intern of mine in Canton, Texas. Also: “Just go with it!”