the issue > Press | Press Coverage > September 11, 2009

Hello, My Name is Vince

Contemporary sportswear line Vince has earned a good chunk of floor space in fashion specialty stores such as Barneys, Neiman’s and Saks. Now the 8-year-old label has an address all its own and in chichi Highland Park Village, no less.

Late last month, the doors opened on Vince’s first free-standing Dallas store, a prime spot at the easternmost end of the former Harold’s store, directly opposite HPV hive Starbucks.

The store itself is beautiful, with walls blasted back to their original dark reddish-brown brick, original tongue-and-groove vaulted ceilings and a trio of tall, arched windows infusing the space with just the right amount of natural light. (Manager Stacy Gibbons says Vince co-founder Christopher LaPolice “told us our store is the prettiest.”)

Nearly half the floor is devoted to menswear. Sweaters and slim-cut jeans in a murky urban palette of charcoal, marine and army green; and appealing versions of the season’s ubiquitous plaid shirts in thick cotton flannel all hang neatly on industrial rolling racks. Soft-touch staples in cotton and cashmere also dominate the women’s side, with evenly spaced rows of cardies, leggings, tees and slouchy sweaters broken by the occasional fashion item: a halter-neck jumpsuit, trim leather jacket, or Cher-ish Mongolian lamb vest.

One pair of black leather leggings was so supple and, at $895, budget-busting I was actually relieved the store had already sold out in my size (and after just a single day open, I might add). But with cashmere sweaters averaging $195 to $295, most items at Vince fall in the price range described as “accessible luxury.” And that alone should make it a hit.

By Tracy Achor Hayes