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HPHS Swimming and Diving Team

Diving off the edge of the spring board, sophomore Lindsey Streepey prepares to compete against her opponents. The HP swimming and diving team has enjoyed a long run of competitive success, having won ten consecutive state titles. Much of this success is due to athletes such as Streepey, who has excelled with consistent dedication.

“Lindsey outworks all the other divers,” swimming coach Jesse Cole said. “She works hard at practice and doesn’t make up excuses about why she doesn’t want to dive a certain day.”

Streepey’s talent can be traced through her family roots. Her mother, Jean Streepey, dived in high school and collegiately at SMU. L. Streepey has been diving since she was eight years old and she says she started by following her older sister, senior Katie Streepey, to the pool.

Though Streepey practices diving at HP three and a half hours a day, five days a week, she is also involved in a club diving team, Girl Scouts, and
Orchestra, in addition to maintaining school work: a feat not easily accomplished.

“It’s hard to balance everything,” L. Streepey said. “I just have to stay up late after practice to finish everything.”

L. Streepey is planning to go to Minneapolis in April for US Diving’s West Nationals where she will compete among the top 30 divers in the western half of the country. She also qualified for the Regional Junior Olympics in Houston and placed in the top six divers from her five-state area. Participating in these events can be an unpredictable experience. “Competing teaches so many lessons,” J. Streepey said. “Some days are perfect, and some are not. You learn to take it one step at a time.” Even with all her success in diving, L. Streepey remains unsure about whether or not she wants to pursue it in the future as anything beyond a recreational activity. As of now, though, she remains fully committed to partaking in the sport.

“When I dive, it’s such an adrenaline rush,” Streepey said. “It’s hard to describe, but it’s such an incredible experience and [is] really fun.”

written by Katherine Whitlock