the issue > Careers > March 3, 2022

Cerón Highland Park – Hair Stylist Assistant

Cerón Salon is in need of a Hair Stylist Assistant with the following requirements:

  • Hair Stylist assistant is clearly on the first and final impression for all clients.
  • Excellent communication abilities (verbal) with a customer service attitude.
  • Professionalism is expected at all times.
  • An energetic and socially interactive personality.
  • You will work in the salon with clients who are receiving services from a professional stylist. Must have a valid license from a cosmetology school.
  • You will work under a hairstylist and perform shampooing services on clients.

Duties include:

  • Shampoos and products: setting up the shampooing area, washing hair, applying conditioner, conditioner treatments, and (stylist choice) assisting with blowouts.
  • Massaging clients’ scalps during shampoos. Ensuring the shampoo areas are kept clean and are stocked with towels and products
  • Assist Colorists Stylists
  • Greet and welcome incoming clients and direct them to various parts of the salon to receive treatments- devote full attention to the client
  • Client Beverages – (during COVID-19 wear gloves)
  • Clean work area at all times, sanitized chairs and shampoo bowls in between clients – (due to COVID-19 this is being reinforced)
  • Stock Inventory Items- Restock Inventory items into the shelves
  • Sweep up hair after a client’s haircut
  • Wash robes and towels when needed
  • Assist stylists in organizing, cleaning, and restocking their stations
  • Sanitize brushes and combs

Interested please contact management at or call 214.219.3600.