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FoundDog Day 2015



Instead of celebrating GroundHog Day, Highland Park Village is celebrating FoundDog Day 2015! There are so many dogs in need of a good home and on Saturday, February 7th you have the opportunity to take home a new addition to your family. Please join us and help support FoundDog Day.

We hope you can join us with Angie’s Friends and White Rock Dog Rescue. We are excited to give all of these dogs forever homes at this upcoming event at Highland Park Village. We are so grateful to the amazing volunteers who save these dogs lives each and every day.

About Angie’s Friends: Angie’s Friends was formed only 7 years ago, Angie Manriquez has she has been assisting stray and neglected animals in Dallas’ rougher neighborhoods for over 14 years and hasn’t slowed down a bit at 71 years old. She spends the majority of every day going house to house to feed, water, medicate, provide shelter for, and pat the heads of dogs that have extremely low quality of life, living on short chains in neglectful and abusive situations, never feeling wanted. Angie cares for stray and abandoned animals, getting them vet care and finding them loving homes. In addition, she helps many low-income families care for their animals, promoting spay/neuter, financially assisting with preventative and emergency veterinary care, and sometimes simply providing food to families who are struggling to feed their pets. A true advocate for animals, Angie is down in the trenches every day.





Event: FoundDog Day

Date: Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Location: Center Court between Lela Rose and Billy Reid

Time: 12pm-3pm

Purpose: Provide rescued dogs with a good family and safe forever home!