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The store support associate is responsible for receiving, unpacking and preparing merchandise for the selling floor. He/she is also responsible for the organization, maintenance and cleanliness of the stock room. He/she is responsible for any and all operational functions within the stockroom,
and visual standards of the store.

JAMES PERSE Brand Experience

  • Creates a positive first impression by adhering to the dress code.
  • Creates a clean and organized environment by maintaining store standards on the selling floor.
  • Works with store associates to replenishes merchandise from the stock room to the selling floor on a daily basis.
  • Processes customer charge sends per JP policy and procedure Follows up on customer inquiries on behalf of sending store when need be.
  • Ensures stock room is organized, clean and merchandise is floor ready at all times per JP Standard Directives.
  • Audits stockroom to ensure consistent sizing, folding, and organization per company direction on standards completion.
  • Is accountable for the store exceeding the Company Shrink Goal by minimizing unit loss.
  • Manages store preparation for physical inventories based on preparation directives and planning packets.
  • Fills cash wrap packaging supplies on a daily basis.
  • Removes trash and boxes from the sales floor and stockroom on a daily basis.
  • Conducts a lighting check on a daily basis for store lights and exterior lighting (if applicable) to ensure all lights are illuminating properly.

Cooperation & Dependability

  • Satisfactorily completes all duties as assigned by management.
  • Is punctual and adheres to designated work schedule.
  • Is flexible and works well with peers and management to accomplish goals.
  • Follows Policies and Procedures 100%.

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