Since the arrival of Phoebe Philo in 2008, Celine has renewed a reputation for creating ready-to-wear, bags and footwear of the highest quality available in the luxury goods industry. At Celine, both innovation and timelessness are prized. Technologically advanced fabric development and a strong silhouette are of prime importance. Experimentation is combined with the sourcing of precious traditional materials, increasingly rare artisanal techniques and handcraftsmanship. The clear and sophisticated Celine style is instantly recognizable. It makes a confident and coherent statement across everything from the collections themselves to Celine’s visual identity more broadly including typography, advertising campaigns and retail environment. A quietly revolutionary wish to move fashion forward is central to Celine’s vision. That is equal only to the aim to provide women with a considerate, consistent and discreetly luxurious wardrobe that may be built upon each season. Moving into imposing new headquarters in Paris, Celine is a luxury French fashion House with a global reach across all markets and product categories.


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