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Behind the Scenes: Making of the Magazine

Bringing fashion to life on paper may seem simple, but hundreds of frenzied hours go into the making of a single issue of Highland Park Village Magazine. Mounds of in-depth research, coordinating dozens of schedules for interviews and photo shoots, gathering merchandise from all over the world, scouting locations and searching for the perfect image. Many see the finished product and casually flip through the beautiful pages without realizing that Highland Park Village Magazine is actually more representative of a meticulously created piece of art than a picture book, carefully shaped by numerous artists over the course of 180+ days.

6 Months ’til Print: Runways + Rundowns

After thoughtfully analyzing and methodically studying the season’s fashion runways of New York, Milan and Paris, the photo shoot, features and editorial concepts begin to develop and take shape. More than just for entertainment, the entire inspiration behind each magazine begins with what takes place on the runway – artistic themes, the use of fabrics and styles, trends that play a role in determining complimentary site locations for shoots. Every detail is noted in order to seamlessly incorporate the purest elements of current style into every issue. End result for our Spring 2017 Issue: earthy neutrals and soft, yet structured layers set in Los Cabos, Mexico’s rugged coastline and deserts.


From Left to Right: Ralph Lauren Spring 2017 Runway; Akris Spring 2017 Runway; Stella McCartney Spring 2017 Runway.

4 Months ’til Print: Scout + Style 

Each issue is different and a host of skills are exemplified in everyone from expert photographers, to the writers and onto the stylists and makeup artists. Once a perfectly fitting team of talent is identified, a new crew hits the ground running to begin the complex process of acquiring hundreds of pieces from both local and international labels, securing interviews and working to flawlessly showcase the vast variety of clothing, shoe, accessory and beauty brands hosted in Highland Park Village. Armed with a common mission to bring style to life through paper, head-to-toe looks are strategically coordinated, stories and profiles are artfully written and the photo shoot locations are nailed down with setting compositions (think neutral desert and succulents vs. the vibrant ocean and colorful florals) assessed for various look options.

Waiting for the sunset light to be just right, one of the last shot's of the day is captured in Los Cabo, Mexico.

Waiting for the sunset light to be just right, one of the last shot’s of the day is captured in Los Cabo, Mexico.

2 Months ’til Print: Pose + Pick

Thousands of images are thoughtfully captured, but it’s a race against time. Determining the perfect shot for dozens of looks in various settings from sunrise to sunset is more than the simple coupling of a model’s serene expression, outfit and backdrop. It’s the melding of every natural element — from lighting and shadows, to wind and heat — that makes or breaks how clothing lays, how hair blows and how makeup sets, with the controlled elements of the model’s expression and body language. There are no second chances and no rest for the weary, but there’s still months of work to follow. To say the least, the tedious task of then combing through and selecting only a handful of images out of more than 2,200 that were captured, followed by the precise art of then editing those images, takes weeks and the road to finally unveiling a single masterfully tweaked shot is a small victory in itself.

Narrowing down the final selection of images from one photo shoot is no easy task.

Narrowing down the final selection of images from one photo shoot is no easy task.

Showtime: Wrap + Repeat

Formatting is key. Rich content and captivating images are squandered without fine tuning the spacing between copy, what kind and size of type is used, ensuring the pages are visually balanced and colors coordinate instead of clash. Every component is carefully layered to expertly capture the eye — one stray line or misplaced comma is the critical glare on an otherwise perfected finished product. Then, the long awaited moment of going to print is finally celebrated. The tangible result of thousands of hours of work by an army of people comes to a rewarding finale and it can be shared with the world. Now, it’s time to relish in this moment, take a deep breath and… start the entire process over. T-minus six months until the Fall 2017 issue of Highland Park Village Magazine is debuted as yet our next edition of art.

The cover of the Spring 17 Highland Park Village Magazine.

The cover of the Spring 2017 Highland Park Village Magazine.

But for now, we hope you enjoy the styles, stories, and sites of spring as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you. View the Spring 2017 issue here.