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Get to Know…Amy Wendt



Tell us a little about yourself and what led you to your job at Harry Winston?

I grew up in the jewelry industry. When I was a little girl my father and I would go to the jewelry show in New York every year. We would make it a point to stop in at Harry Winston to see the fabulous jewels. It was truly breathtaking and a dream to work for such an iconic brand. When I received a call from a recruiter that Harry Winston was coming to Dallas, I was so excited. I knew I wanted to work there, and the bonus was its location at Highland Park Village!


How long have you been leading the charge at Harry Winston?

I celebrated my 13-year anniversary this past November.


What’s your favorite or most unique thing about what you do?

I am so fortunate to meet so many incredible people and play a part in helping them celebrate special occasions such as an engagement, a special birthday or anniversary. So many of my clients have become special friends, and it is such a joy to be a part of their families and special celebrations.


How long have you personally been visiting Highland Park Village?

I moved to Texas 30 years ago and have been visiting Highland Park Village since day one. I had a great friend who went to Southern Methodist University, and she told me the best shopping center is Highland Park Village. I love the fact that it is still family owned. It’s a wonderful place to come to work.


What do you enjoy most about the Highland Park Village community?

I truly think it is a special place and so many incredible people work here and have longevity. I have made so many great friendships in Highland Park Village. I enjoy the special touches of an outdoor shopping center.


Are there any secret or fun facts you can share about the center, your store, or yourself?

I think my most fun fact is we truly enjoy making people smile. People will come in a little shy about wanting to try on jewelry and I enjoy making them feel comfortable and like a princess! 


What are some of your other favorite spots around Highland Park Village?

I have to have my weekly Mi Cocina and enjoy going to Bistro 31 after work. I enjoy seeing all the beautiful clothes in the window and visiting my dear friend, Melinda, at Etro.


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