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Get to Know…Brunello Cucinelli

Upon his start, Brunello Cucinelli aimed to achieve a momentous quest to create products and designs that could stand the test of time and positively impact people around the globe by combining craftsmanship and beauty. His passion expands beyond his love for quality clothing as he uses inspiration from past philosophers and great thinkers, as well as nature, in his craft. Today, Cucinelli continues to create clothing and accessories that combine manual work and artistry, all with the ultimate goal of speaking to humanity and bettering the world.

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Cucinelli did not start out with the dream of going into the garment business. Born into a peasant family in Castel Rigone, a 15th century small Italian village, Cucinelli got a diploma as a building surveyor before enrolling in the faculty of Engineering. Yet Cucinelli found a new love in 1978: cashmere. When the chance for him to move to Solomeo with his fiancé, Federica, presented itself in 1982, Cucinelli took his expanding company with him, and set up shop where his work space still resides today.

Each Cucinelli cashmere garment is hand knit.

Each Brunello Cucinelli knit is made with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Upon discovering his love for cashmere, Cucinelli decided to innovate and create colored cashmere garments for women, which the market warmly welcomed. Since then, Cucinelli has continued to expand his line to include menswear, leather goods and accessories, tirelessly working to improve his garments through pristine workmanship and a developing sense of beauty.

For the upcoming 2017 Fall Winter Collection, the urban explorer serves as the center of the women’s collection. An itinerary that combines existence and appearance for women who live a city lifestyle and admire the still of natural landscape can merge the different worlds through delicate embroidery and tulle skirts, winter vintage trims, military references and metallic highlights.


The Women’s Fall Winter 2017 Collection is centered on the urban explorer for women who live a city lifestyle and admire the natural landscape.

The men’s 2017 Fall Winter Collection is discovered through the art of the blend – a wardrobe enriched with expressive combinations for any day or occasion, from casual to sartorial, from neutral to color, bringing to life a unique, distinctive blend.


Discovered through the art of the blend, The Men’s Fall Winter 2017 Collection is enriched with expressive combinations for any day or occasion.

Along with his autumn and winter collection of cashmere clothing, Cucinelli offers new accessories to accompany each look, including English-style footwear and polished leather goods. As a welcomed bonus, guests can also shop hand-crafted home goods of the utmost quality. To learn more and shop the newest collection visit the Brunello Cucinelli boutique in Highland Park Village.