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Get to Know…Ed & Gable Shaikh



Tell us a little about yourselves and what led you to create Hadleigh’s?

Ed: As a child I always loved men’s fashion. I worked for Ralph Lauren in HP Village back in 1996 which was my first real fashion job. I learned a lot about menswear and loved tailored clothing and as a result became the third top sales leader in the RL world. I wanted menswear to be more artisan and emotional in details which is how Hadleigh’s was born.

Gable: I was born in Dallas and lived just steps from Highland Park Village. I moved to NYC as a kid and ultimately attended FIT for Fashion Design. I moved back to Texas and started working at Ralph Lauren Highland Park Village. I met Ed on the grand staircase on my very first day and we were engaged and married shortly thereafter. We both had such passion for fashion and after the birth of our daughter, Hadleigh, in 2007, we decided to start our own clothing brand. We wanted to bring a garment to the client that had never been seen before, with the fit being the most important idea. When we found the space in the Village it came full circle for us.


How long have you been leading the charge at Hadleigh’s?

E: Since inception. We founded the brand 10 years ago in April 2009.

G: This year we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Highland Park Village. We started Hadleigh’s out of our home in Kessler Park in the spring of 2009 and came to the Village that September.


What’s your favorite or most unique thing about what you do?

E: Being able to create passionate sartorial men’s products, and striking engagement with the finest men’s client, the H-MAN.

G: It amazes me that my dream of becoming a fashion designer and having my own brand came true. We are truly blessed to do what we love every day. And having our oldest daughter’s name on the door makes our mission even stronger.


How long have you personally been visiting Highland Park Village?

E: Since I worked at Ralph Lauren in 1996.

G: I have been riding my bike up to HP Village since I was six so, almost 36 years. The evolution of the Village is incredible to be a part of!


What do you enjoy most about the Highland Park Village community?

E: We love the community of Highland Park since we live in the neighborhood and love the charming Spanish Village architecture. Plus, it’s an historic landmark which is amazing!

G: Highland Park Village is my home. This is where I spend most of my life every day. To be able to have the sense of community in such a small place makes me feel part of something wonderful!


Are there any fun facts you can share about the Village, your shop, or yourselves?

E: We are the only bespoke tailoring facility within the Village that is a true Saville Roe style tailoring experience. It is beyond made to measure, it’s bespoke.

G: Our upstairs space was the old CHANEL storage space. When we got the space, there was no Bistro 31 or Mi Cocina, only a small walkway with AC units. It’s incredible to think they made something out of nothing!


What are some of your other favorite spots around Highland Park Village?

E: We love getting breakfast tacos at Royal Blue, having lunch at MiCo and dinner at Park House.

G: Honestly, we love everything about the Village. Not only do we work here six days a week, on our off days we ride our bikes up here with our girls and yorkie Teddy. We love The Juice Bar and Café Pacific, Park House and all of the fun stores – we are obsessed with Miron Crosby.


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