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Get to Know…Highland Park Village Theatre

The Highland Park Village Theatre

The Highland Park Village Theatre first opened to the public in November of 1935.

For nearly a century, the Highland Park Village Theatre has provided great entertainment for people of all ages with the latest films, one-of-a-kind events and more. As an integral part of Highland Park Village as well as the Dallas community, the Village Theatre is often thought of as one of Dallas’ most prized possessions, dating back to the 1930’s.

Located on the north side of the Village nearest to Douglas Avenue, the Village Theatre serves as a focal point with classic architectural elements. Often mentioned for its charming lights and glowing kiosk, the theatre caters to patrons with a true love for cinema and great entertainment; however, many visitors may not know its roots and historic beginnings.

Theatre Vintage 2

The Village Theatre serves as a focal point in Highland Park Village, as well as the greater Dallas area.

In 1934, Karl Hoblitzelle of Interstate Circuit, Inc., the company who first built the Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco Majestic Theatres and the San Antonio Empire theater, set out to further expand his endeavors with his first-ever, luxury suburban theatre. It was during the depression that Hoblitzelle knew he wanted his theatres to be more than just entertainment, he wanted them to be a part of the community.

Theatre vintage seats

In addition to its’ grand structure and architecture, the Village Theatre was the first air conditioned theatre in Texas, a luxury at the time.

Although The Depression had taken its toll on the economy, the long-awaited Village Theatre opened with the showing of “The Dark Angel” in November of 1935. With 1,350 seats and hand-painted murals depicting the history of Texas by James Buchanan “Buck” Winn Jr., the interior had a unique take on Hollywood glamour and cinema. A luxury at the time, the Village Theatre was also the first air conditioned theatre in Texas. Forty years later, then owner of Highland Park Village, Henry S. Miller, Jr. renovated the Village Theatre, converting the grand style theatre to four smaller theatres, for patrons to enjoy a private, more upscale experience. Since then, the Village Theatre has shown star-studded films for all generations to enjoy.

Theatre with lights

A not so hidden gem in Dallas, the Village Theatre glistens among the renowned Holiday lights.


Visit the Village Theatre for special events, showings and more.

Today, the theatre still upholds the same commitment to excellence as it did 83 years ago, at its conception. With exciting promotions and events, the theatre offers something for everyone.