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Get to Know…La Perla

Founded in 1954 by visionary couturier Ada Masotti in her Bologna laboratory, La Perla’s story began with her mission to intimately understand, complement and empower the female form.

During the 1960s and ‘70s, La Perla continued to grow in popularity as women’s style evolved and generations became less conventional. With the trends came colorful lingerie with vibrant patterns in more light weight and comfortable fabrics. The role of undergarments has since expanded to include even more creativity as an element in fashion, and La Perla has become an internationally known brand that represents the highest level of elegance and style.

As the world of lingerie has adapted and transformed to fit with today’s modern women, what was once a small Italian corset company has developed into an innovative label that has even expanded into loungewear and swimwear.

hpv.605_GTK La Perla_swimsuits

La Perla’s Fall 2020 swimwear, loungewear and lingerie collections introduce a new range of sustainable capsules and even its their first washable silk lingerie collection, the Dreamcatcher. Using a specific and delicate finishing process that allows the silk to be machine washed without shrinking or losing its shine, the Dreamcatcher collection fuses a modern and convenient approach to dress with luxury Italian craftsmanship. Additionally, the Fall in Love, Zephyr, Tree of Life, Miss Sunshine and The Maison Rainbow collections offer more technical fabrics, varied hues and diverse styles.

hpv.605_GTK La Perla_nightgown

With natural cottons, stretch silk satin and intricate lace, there’s never been more versatile pieces and looks in a wide range of sizes for the modern woman. La Perla has continued to not only remain relevant in the ever-competitive retail world, but 65 years since being founded, it is thriving as one of the world’s most distinguished purveyors of all things beautiful. In celebration of the brand’s iconic Maison Collection’s 25th anniversary, an exclusive capsule collection will launch this fall.

Visit the La Perla boutique to discover the latest collections.