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Get to Know…Lela Rose

Located in the heart of Highland Park Village near the renowned clock tower, Lela Rose is an elegant boutique home to modern designs, including a full ready-to-wear line, clutches and jewelry. Upon visiting the charming store, customers will feel at home in an airy space that resembles what many may envision as their dream closet.

LR Store Front Spring 18

Located alongside the clock tower, Lela Rose is an elegant boutique home to modern designs including a full ready-to-wear line, clutches and jewelry.

Designer Lela Rose, who now calls New York home with her family, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and grew to find herself with an early appreciation for the arts. In college, Rose studied fine arts and upon graduation, decided to pursue her love of fashion design, enrolling at Parson’s School of Design in New York City. Following her studies at Parson’s, Rose’s passion led her to work with esteemed designers Richard Tyler and Christian Francis Roth.

Formally trained as a painter and sculptor prior to pursuing fashion design, Rose’s keen eye and attention to colorful detail separated her from other designers, as she set out to launch her own line. With a love of couture, the arts, and all things fashion, Rose’s vision compelled her to create the Lela Rose Collection in 1998.


With a passion for all things fashion as well as the arts, Lela Rose pursued her dream of becoming a designer which led her to launch her own collection in 1998.

Through the years, Rose’s brilliant use of color and handcrafted details have remained evident throughout each thoughtful piece and collection. As a mainstay brand in the world of high-fashion, Lela Rose has received praise by the likes of countless fashion editors, stylists and celebrities, including Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and many more.


The Lela Rose Pre-Fall 2018 Collection will take you from day to evening with versatile pieces, recolored and reimagined through a feminine lens.

If you thought Lela Rose styles could only be described as “feminine,” think again. The Lela Rose Pre-Fall 2018 collection centers on a traditional menswear glen plaid, recolored and reimagined through a feminine lens. A variety of materials including silk chiffon, rip stop taffeta, and lightweight wool are hued in jewel tones of orchid, cobalt and olive bearing a delicate and refined elegance.

Ultimately designed to bring you from day to dinner, this versatile collection highlights hidden accents – a standout being the structural bow detail. A soft color palette is brought together as one with patterns used in various forms, all over or magnified to underline certain details. While Rose makes it all look easy, her road to success is well-deserved and continues to inspire the timeless, yet ever-changing fashion guru in us all.

To explore the Pre-Fall collection and more, visit the Lela Rose boutique in Highland Park Village.