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Get to Know…Suzanne Brown with La Fiesta



Explain La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas’ mission and how you got involved with the organization.

La Fiesta is a non-profit organization raising funds to support beneficiaries in the Park Cities and to provide ongoing maintenance for the Park Cities Heritage House in Old City Park. It promotes neighborhood spirit and recognizes the community’s unique heritage by observing special events like the La Fiesta Gala, which honors young people and celebrates traditions.

About ten years ago, a good friend of mine asked me to volunteer with her on a La Fiesta Committee, and I have never looked back.


Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I was born and raised in Dallas. I went to Baylor University, which led me to my husband, Ken. We have three awesome kids, Thornton, Watson, and Brinkley. All are 3rd generation Highland Park High School graduates and 5th generation Highland Park United Methodist Church members. I love to needlepoint, exercise, play golf and enjoy Women in The Vine Bible Study.


What makes La Fiesta so special and impactful to the Dallas community?

Thirty-eight years ago, the first La Fiesta celebration was held in Highland Park Village, presenting six Duchesses wearing unique festival gowns representing one of the six flags of Texas. The funds raised from the event saved the oldest house in Highland Park (the Costello House, built in 1907) from demolition. Since then, La Fiesta has grown to include hundreds of volunteers and returned over $10.2 million to the Park Cities community. This year 18 beneficiaries, including the Highland Park Education Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas, Connecting Point of Park Cities, both libraries, the Highland Park Literary Festival, the HPHS Science & Technology Festival, The Rise School and To Be Like Me, as well as others will receive grants from La Fiesta raised from Park Cities community partners and families.


What do you enjoy the most about being a part of the La Fiesta organization?

The people! They are a bunch of down-to-earth ladies eager to give their time, energy, and effort to La Fiesta.


How does support from community partners like Highland Park Village help La Fiesta have a greater impact?

Highland Park Village has been a long-time partner and provides generous support to La Fiesta. This support provides community awareness and publicity for La Fiesta and allows the organization to broaden its reach in the Park Cities community and with beneficiaries.


What are some ways people in North Texas can get involved with La Fiesta?

The La Fiesta Guild is comprised of women who support La Fiesta and its beneficiaries with annual dues. Voting members must be residents within the boundaries of the Highland Park Independent School District and non-voting members may be former residents or interested individuals. The Guild provides volunteers for annual La Fiesta activities.


Where would we most likely find you in Highland Park Village?

St. Michael’s Women Exchange, Bistro 31, Trina Turk, Bird Bakery, Tory Burch, and Bluemercury


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