press > May 24, 2017

Highland Park Village is growing upward with its building on Preston

Highland Park Village has found another place to expand.  The three-level building that frames the upscale shopping center along Preston Road is about to grow upward.

It’s another multi-million dollar project at the center since it was bought in 2009.

Construction begins in April and is expected to be completed by mid-2018. The project adds 19,000 square feet to the third level and a 6,100-square-foot of a rooftop terrace. The existing 21,000 square feet of space on the second floor will be converted from office to retail.

“We’ve been considering a renovation of this magnitude for years and it’s one of the last pieces remaining to visually pull all of Highland Park Village together and integrate the authentic look of the original buildings that were built 85 years ago,” said Ray Washburne, managing director, Highland Park Village. “The architecture will reflect the old world charm of the Village.”

The building’s ground floor now houses Chanel, Starbucks, Anthropologie and William Noble Rare Jewels. The jeweler will move to the second level, but the shopping center hasn’t said what other tenants it expects to add.

The first level lobby will be remodeled and a tower will be added on the east side. A stair tower will be built on the west side.

All the work, designed by Dallas-based Omniplan, will reflect the Spanish inspired architecture of HPVillage including Spanish tile, wooden balconies and façade details. The building was added in 1965. The rest of the shopping center dates back to 1931.

At the same time, Washburne said in a press release, that the center is working on improving its complementary valet service experience. A ticketless valet system and relocated valet station designed to improve traffic flow are part of the updates. Customers will be able to text from a phone to have their car pulled around.