press > January 9, 2017

Inside the Design of Draper James in Highland Park Village

Reese Witherspoon’s second boutique is modeled after her Nashville home.

Reese Witherspoon has captured our hearts on the silver screen for decades now, but with the freshly opened Dallas follow up to the Nashville flagship for her southern-inspired lifestyle company, Dallasites have even more to love. We’ve followed pretty much everything going on at Highland Park Village’s Draper James since September, so naturally we wanted to know more about the store’s Instagram-worthy decor, as well as what’s unique to the Dallas location. Draper James CEO Andrea Hyde kindly obliged.


EG: What inspired the decision to open a second Draper James location in Dallas?

AH: The Dallas woman is smart, charming, and gracious, which are the pillars of our brand. We have had a huge number of loyal and enthusiastic Dallas customers since we launched online (in 2015). As Reese told the crowd at our store opening, she has never felt more welcome in a city in her entire life!


EG: What drew Reese and the brand to Highland Park Village?

AH: Ever since the brand launched, Dallas has been one of our top cities. Highland Park Village was a natural fit. It is a great place for communities and families to get together.


EG: What makes the design and décor of the Dallas store unique from the Nashville flagship?

AH: The store continues the story of the brand and has a few new details that are unique to Dallas. There is an exclusive “HOWDY” print by Gray Malin that was created specifically for our Dallas boutique. We also feature work from other southern artists such as Lindsey Cowles, Chelsea Petaja, and Susan Hable.


EG: How would you describe the aesthetics of the store’s design?

AH: The store was designed by Mark Sikes, who is also working on Reese’s Nashville home, and was inspired by the modern Southern woman. The store is set up like her home. The cash wrap counter is similar to her kitchen, there are comfortable seating areas throughout the store, and the back entry is like her mud room.


EG: Was there a specific feeling or vibe you wanted to evoke from customers with the design?

It is inviting, chic, and exudes Southern hospitality. From the moment you walk in the door, you will immediately feel that warmth. The brand is rooted in Reese’s Southern heritage, so we want to make everyone feels like they’re walking into Reese’s home. We serve up our signature homemade sweet tea to all who visit. Come in and stay a while!