press > November 16, 2017

Major Change in Highland Park Village

Premier jeweler William Noble has come down to earth. Well, more accurately, the ultra high-end shop has come downstairs. Temporarily at least.

One of Highland Park Village’s longest standing merchants, William Noble has been producing rare jewels and essential pieces for nearly 35 years. And after all those years, it’s time for some changes to the beloved brand.

William Noble is remodeling its new second floor showroom in Highland Park Village, and it’s moved to a street front location nearby while renovations are in progress.

This is the first time in decades that the jeweler has had a street level shop, and it’s taking the opportunity to reintroduce itself to Dallas as approachable and modern.

“Being at street level and easily accessible to Highland Park Village shoppers from all over the country, if not the world, is a great sales opportunity for us. It will allow us to connect more with current clients and increase awareness of the William Noble brand with new shoppers in the village,” Bill Noble, founder of William Noble, said in a statement.

William Noble dropped “rare jewels” from its name for the same reason. That’s not to say there is any lack of rare jewels in the shop – mind-boggling gems line every wall – but Noble wants people to know that the store also offers everyday items.

“We will always have high quality diamonds, rare jewels and important estate jewelry, but we also carry everyday essentials and statement pieces and I think it’s important that our brand reflects that,” Noble said.

The company, which Bill Noble started as the Master’s Thesis for his MBA at SMU, offers stunning estate jewelry and custom-made pieces.

The store has an on-site jeweler at all times, which can come in handy, especially with recent jewelry trends. As far as engagement rings, individuality and personal style is the new direction.

“People are starting to shy away from the same micro pave look. They want something different and unique – adding colored gemstones for accents and side stones, setting in rose gold, setting diamonds horizontally,” says Nicole Compton, general manager of William Noble. “I know our jeweler is so happy when he gets to use his creativity and make something completely different.

“In terms of engagement rings, I think that’s really where the trends are going.”

William Noble’s new showroom is expected to be complete in about a year, but until then, the store will reside in a small storefront next to Ralph Lauren. Feel free to stop by next time you’re taking a stroll through the Village – and don’t let the fact that the guard has to buzz you in deter you.

“I think people get the idea that it’s kind of intimidating and unapproachable, and that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Compton says. “We have a really high-end product, but we have a reasonable price point as well.”