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Bluemercury is a one-stop shop for skin care enthusiasts and newbies alike. We love to drop in and let the supportive beauty experts help us quickly replace a go-to shade or dive into the discovery process when a new brand emerges.

Noble Panacea goes beyond the conscious beauty components. The company identifies as a responsible beauty brand committed to sustainability for both people and the planet. This purely powerful, scientifically proven skin care innovator just landed on the shelves at Bluemercury, and Highland Park Village is one of only two locations in the nation to have it.

We visited with Dawn Hilarczyk, Noble Panacea global head of sales, about how the brand is unlike any skin care we have seen before.

Tell us a little about Noble Panacea history and how the brand came to life.

DH: Noble Panacea starts with our brilliant founder, Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart, who discovered our groundbreaking Organic Super Molecule Vessel technology, known as OSMV. Through this discovery and its revolutionary ability to deliver highly active ingredients, Noble Panacea was born. I was very fortunate to be a part of the brand, along with our CEO Celine Talabaza and Global Head of Brand Audrey Bois Nicolai, in the early stages of conception, formulation development, and packaging creation. We launched Noble Panacea in October 2019.

How would you describe clean beauty? Why is it important?

DH: Clean beauty is just part of the conversation and education around the products we use. To me, clean beauty refers to formulations and how the industry has defined this segment of personal care. I think we should really be discussing responsible beauty, which I define in several ways, from product conception to the consumer. Responsible beauty defines how a brand takes complete responsibility and provides the consumer with transparency regarding how products are developed. This encompasses many things, from how we use the raw materials, how these ingredients are manufactured and disposed of, and ensuring formulations are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Lastly, the packaging should be sustainable while allowing the consumer to actively participate in this responsibility by recycling, refilling, or reusing.

We have a long way to go, but as technology improves and what I refer to as “regionally responsible beauty” becomes a global concern, we will see better access to improving these practices. We must continue to educate the consumer, and, as a brand, be as transparent as possible.

What makes Noble Panacea unique?

DH: Noble Panacea is such a unique brand. I can honestly say there is no other brand like us. Starting with our founder, Sir Fraser Stoddart, the only founder in beauty today who has won a Nobel Prize for his life’s work in chemistry. He created our groundbreaking OSMV technology that protects highly active ingredients and delivers 200% more penetration of these ingredients than anything else on the market today. Second, our two collections: The Brilliant and The Absolute are both completely clean formulas, free of harmful and harsh chemicals. And they come in our responsible packaging — plastic free, refillable, and recyclable.

We love Bluemercury and all their brands. How did your partnership with Bluemercury come about?

DH: I can echo your opinion. We love Bluemercury, too. When I developed Noble Panacea’s global retail distribution strategy, it was important to look at retailers that embody Noble Panacea’s brand pillars of luxury, science, and responsible beauty. It is important for us to be in an environment where we can educate the consumer while providing a luxury experience. Bluemercury has created this culture. Their customer wants the best in efficacy, a trusted source for recommendations and product education, all wrapped in a luxury experience. We are very proud of the partnership and continued success.

How long have you been using Noble Panacea skin care?

DH: I have been using our skin care from the early stages of conception. I had the opportunity to try several variations during our development stage and am extremely proud of what you see today. The two collections provide streamlined simplicity with four products each: eye cream, serum, day cream, and night cream. Because of my concerns with ageless beauty, I am very loyal to The Absolute Collection.

For more information about the Noble Panacea line available at the Highland Park Village Bluemercury boutique, please call 214.520.9400 or visit in person to learn more.

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