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Family Fun with Bird Bakery’s Famous Recipe

As we continue looking for ways to stay busy with family indoors, we knew that Bird Bakery would have a delicious idea. We went straight to the source and asked founder and CEO Elizabeth Chambers Hammer for her tips on making the bakery’s fan favorite monster cookies at home. They are a mouthwatering treat, of course, but the best part may be that the easy recipe is something kids can help with.

And if you don’t want to make them yourself: order to-go from Bird Bakery!


Tip No. 1:

“Make it a family affair! I have such fond memories of making monster cookies with my family and involve my children, just as my mother always included my siblings and me. I have loved every part of the process for as long as I can remember and hope my children will feel the same way. Ford and Hops are both excellent at measuring, cracking eggs, and stirring, and they know their way around a mixer and the kitchen — but only because they’ve baked with me from the time they were tiny. Baking is very precise, but if you let go a little and give everyone a chance to be involved, it becomes an engaging activity and a learning and bonding experience — with a delicious reward at the end.”


Tip No. 2:

“This began as a family recipe, but I spent over a decade passionately perfecting what it is today. I have found that the mixture of the two oats and both the dark and light brown sugars create the perfect cookie. But if you don’t have one of these ingredients on hand, don’t stress! Either of the oat options and both dark and light brown sugars will work well, just keep the total measurements the same.”

Tip No. 3:

“Be careful not to overbake. Slightly underbaked monsters are always more delicious than the alternative. At least in my opinion! Happy baking. xx”