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Specializing in luxury suiting, Brioni is now open exclusively in Highland Park Village.
Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini established Brioni in 1945. They opened their first store in the center of Rome, where they offered tailored clothing, handmade shoes, and accessories. Brioni quickly became the preferred destination for well-crafted menswear for Roman men.
In 1952, the brand hosted the first-ever runway show for menswear, establishing itself as a top player in the men’s fashion industry. Brioni’s suits have since become a favored option among high society, including movie stars, politicians, artists, and musicians worldwide. Brioni is also famously associated with James Bond’s wardrobe, dressing Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig for the iconic role.

Brioni is renowned for its exceptional tailoring skills, following a signature method involving 220 intricate steps to craft every suit. Their skilled tailors put in 7,000 concealed stitches by hand for each suit. An individual Brioni jacket requires over 12,000 stitches, of which only 17% are externally visible.
Highland Park Village is proud to welcome the first Brioni in Texas. Visit the brand’s stunning boutique located above Christian Louboutin on Level Two.


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