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Get to Know…Michael Bratcher


Tell us a little about yourself and what led you to Bistro 31.

Robert Clayton, the VP for Lombardi’s, sought me out. I had previously managed a restaurant named Fuse that had a similar concept with a restaurant and lounge atmosphere. He thought it would be a great fit due to my personable approach with customers and my staff.


How long have you been leading the charge at Bistro and Lounge 31?

I have been here for five and a half years.


What’s your favorite or most unique thing about what you do?

Building relationships; through making a personal connection with our new guests and making them our regulars. Also, making sure my long-time customers always feel well taken care of. I love what I do because I get to know such amazing people, and I get to be a part of their lives.


How long have you personally been visiting Highland Park Village?

I have been visiting here for over 20 years!


What do you enjoy most about the Highland Park Village community?

What I enjoy most is the family atmosphere that Bistro and Lounge 31 creates and how it overflows to the rest of the Village.


Are there any secret/fun facts you can share about the Village or yourself?

I actually used to work here at the Banana Republic Men’s Store a long time ago.


What are some of your other favorite spots around Highland Park Village?

My favorite thing about the Village is walking around seeing the other shops and our regular guests. We love to surprise them with an espresso martini or iced tea while they are shopping!


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