press > September 18, 2017

The True Scoop on All of those Highland Park Village Rumors

Seldom is the word “quiet” mentioned when it comes to Highland Park Village. Openings and rumors of what’s to come swirl through town regularly. Here’s the newest scoop, as we know it.

We anxiously await the opening of Cartier in September, in a grand space next to Tom Ford. Late fall, Valentino opens; here’s hoping the Italian fashion house’s darling Brazilian brand ambassador Carlos Souza jets in for the opening.

This fall, a new set of restaurants from Nick Badovinus and Julian Barsotti moves into the restaurant and bar spaces adjacent to and atop Highland Park Village Theatre.

Above Honor Bar, sisters Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sarah Means open Miron Crosby next month — a bespoke boot shop and design studio offering boots handcrafted at the 160-year-old Rios of Mercedes factory.

Avant Garden has opened Avant Garden Orchid Bar and Floral in Royal Blue Grocery. What’s in store? Potted orchids, small arrangements, and gift packages. Stay tuned for more news later this summer, when Avant Garden moves into a new space at The Shops at Highland Park. Until then, the spot in Highland Park Village will remain open. (Perfect for ordering blooms for Mother’s Day.)

And, you may have noticed the construction crews surrounding Building G — home to Chanel, Starbucks, William Noble Rare Jewels, et al. The building is undergoing extensive renovations, which we hear will include the mid-2018 debut of a private-club concept (Soho House-ish) from Brady Wood and hotelier John Scott.

Mum’s the word on that megawatt project for now. While renovations ensue, Chanel and Starbucks will remain open in their current locations, while William Noble moves into a temporary first-floor storefront.